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Toni Yancey

A wonderful tribute to Toni’s career in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.


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Brennan Spiegel has published a very thought-provoking article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette after a tragic shooting incident at the Western Psychiatric Institute there.  Brennan proposes a sophisticated form of collective analysis in which we would all participate in identifying individuals with a high propensity to commit violent acts.  With the proper safeguards and careful statistical algorithms, it could be an excellent idea.  Sort of a human version of distributed processing in pattern analysis.

Congratulations, Bill!



The American Cancer Society (ACS) Board of Directors voted to award Dr. William McCarthy the St. George Medal, awarded to long-time volunteers who have served the ACS with distinction. The medal will be presented to Bill on September 26, 2013 in Oakland, CA.

Congratulations to our student Rachel!

Rachel Hornstein, winner of the Molina Healthcare Essay award, has also been awarded the 2013 Scholarship Award from the Women in Health Administration organization. The award is given annually to “a current graduate student who has demonstrated a commitment to advancing the future of health care.”  The award citation reads,


Rachel’s current focus is on domestic health policy issues and health care quality. Last summer, she was the only intern selected to work on President Obama’s national re-election campaign in the field of Health Care Policy, later serving as Health Policy Advisor on the full-time campaign staff. She also has a host of valuable experiences in the health care industry in Southern California, including stints at Cerner, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Planned Parenthood.

Congratulations, Rachel!

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Congratulations to our Students, Michelle and Allison!

Congratulations to our MPH students Michelle Keller and Allison Mangiaracino, who have taken home 2 of the 10 annual David A. Winston Policy Scholarships from AUPHA.   The Program recognizes student excellence and achievement based upon the student’s record and recommendations from faculty as well as evidence of their commitment to health policy.  Each scholarship includes a trip to DC in the Fall for a 2-day health policy symposium.  UCLA will be well represented at this event, as only one other school (Michigan) had two awardees.  Congratulations, Michelle and Allison!


Congratulations, Diana!

dhilbermanCongratulations to Diana Hilberman on being awarded the 2013 Ira Alpert Service Award by the Health Services Alumni Association (soon to be HPMAA).  The award recognizes Diana’s many years of service to the Department as practicum coordinator, MPH Program Director, and most importantly, her strong advocacy of the importance of thoughtful integration of our educational mission with the local practice community.

We look forward to celebrating with Diana on Thursday at the annual alumni dinner.

A Suitable Man


A big congratulations to Jack Needleman, who has been named Man of the Month by the Disruptive Women in Healthcare.  The award citation notes Jack’s work on nurse staffing ratios and patient outcomes, and goes on to quote an interview with him:

needleman2What I knew from looking at the literature and what I think the public understood was that nursing is physically and emotionally demanding work. What I think the public didn’t recognize, and what I came to appreciate as I talked to people during the early analysis, is that it’s intellectually demanding work. This whole issue of being able to observe your patients, assess them, anticipate how they’re doing and what could be going wrong, and take appropriate intervention steps requires a high level of training. I have also come to appreciate that nursing, even for the frontline staff, is managerially complex work.

Congratulations, Jack!

(And hat-tip to Vickie Mays for catching it).