UC Open Access Policy for Scholarly Publications

escholarship top-bannerOpen Access has arrived!  All (or almost all) of our scholarly work published from now on will be provided free of charge to the world through the UC’s eScholarship repository.  This is an exciting development that has the potential to substantially expand access to the research we produce.

To be in compliance with this policy, nothing is required of UCLA faculty.  Publishers have already been notified that UC will make a version of its faculty’s publications available online, and almost all publishers have agreed.

However, there are several steps that UCLA faculty should take to make maximum use of the policy.

  1. Deposit your articles or pre-publication versions.  Faculty can benefit from the UC Open Access policy immediately by depositing their work in the UC eScholarship repository.  The process takes a couple of minutes, but is largely painless.  You may deposit either the final typescript or the typeset copy, depending on the publisher.  Most publishers permit the typeset version.  Please be sure to respect the journal’s embargo policy, if applicable.
  2. When you receive the copyright form from the publisher, please include a standard UC addendum, which specifies that UC retains the right to promulgate your research.  The form is customized with the author’s name and title of the work.  It is available here.  (Be sure to request an addendum, not a waiver or embargo.) Submitting this form to the journal office is not required and is not legally necessary, but it is considered good practice.

Note that this policy is optional.  If for any reason, the scholar does not want to make the work publicly available, he or she simply needs to submit a waiver request.

This policy complements the NIH public access Policy:

NIH Public Access Policy

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) mandates that any research funded by the agency be posted in the National Library of Medicine’s PubMed Central open access digital archive within 12 months of publication in a subscription-only journal. Publishing your NIH-funded work in eScholarship alone will not fulfill this policy. However:

  • the NIH explicitly allows authors to post their work in both PubMed Central and institutional repositories such as eScholarship; and

  • posting an article in PubMed Central, and using the eScholarship Deposit process to provide the link to that article, does fulfill the requirement of the UC Open Access Policy.


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