Roemer’s Law in Michigan

Michigan Hospital DataLeah steered me to a terrific post by Andis Robeznieks on some new evidence on Roemer’s Law, the proposition by Milt Roemer that hospital beds create their own demand.

Robeznieks cites a new study by geographers at Michigan State published in PLOS One reporting that, indeed, “variations in hospitalization rates have origins in the availability of hospital beds.”  The study uses Michigan data.

Robeznieks quotes a 1959 article by Milt Roemer and Max Shain:

“We shall have to decide what proportion of our resources is to be devoted to hospital and medical care, in competition with the demands for aircraft carriers and rockets, schools and roads, houses and automobiles, cigarettes and television,” Roemer and Shain wrote. “This is the kind of decision that calls for the concerted attention of all elements of our society; far more than doctors and hospital administrators are concerned.”



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