Academic Honesty

As discussed in a faculty meeting last spring, we want to do everything we can to teach students appropriate professional norms, and that includes proper citation.  We agreed that it would be appropriate to give students written guidance about citation and the presentation of original work.  This guidance can either be included on the syllabus, or can be a separate handout.

Rick and Arturo have used the text below as guidance in HS200.

Academic Honesty: It is very important in all course products that you give appropriate credit for ideas you use whether you get them from readings, personal interviews or the Internet. You are required to provide a citation for all material that you have specifically drawn on in your written deliverables or products for the class, including text, tables, figures, graphs, or other information. Citation is also necessary as back up for any facts you cite that are not common knowledge. (See “Practical matters” below for guidance on what form of citations to use.) You must put quotation marks around any sentence or part of a sentence that you did not write yourself, and indicate the source. If you paraphrase, the quotation marks are not necessary, but you must cite the source.

Citing sources in all deliverables: The example of a policy memo that is available on the class website includes the specific citation style that is recommended for this class. You can use alternative citation styles if you prefer, but you must be consistent (i.e. using the same style throughout a product). (It will be counted against your grade if you are not consistent in your citing style or if you miss important information in your references.)

In addition, some faculty like to use, which can be easily done through UCLA’s Moodle interface.  Many faculty feel that the best way to use Turnitin is as a way for students to test whether their own work is meeting the standards we set for them.

Please have a look at the thoughtful commentary about Turnitin on the website of UCLA’s OID.


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