Congratulations All of Us!

It has been wonderful to write about the many impressive successes of faculty members over the past several months.  Here’s one that we can all be proud of.

The National Research Council has conducted an extensive evaluation of doctoral training programs in the US.  This evaluation attempts to be more evidence-based than the usual strategy of asking chairs (not always well-informed, believe me)  to rank programs in their field.  The methodology is excessively complex, so I won’t go into it here.  But the bottom line is that among doctoral programs in health services, health policy, and health management, we rank #2, after Harvard’s Department of Health Policy, and essentially tied with UC Berkeley’s program in Health Services and Policy. We slightly outranked the University of Washington and Harvard’s Department of Health Policy and Management, and significantly outranked the peer programs at Michigan, Minnesota, and UNC.

I’d say that ranking number 2 in this very stiff competition is something to be proud of.   I am so tickled by these results that I think it’s worth taking a little time in our next faculty meeting to discuss it a bit further.


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