Boycott Nature!

No, not the great outdoors, the Nature Publishing Group, which is engaging in extremely aggressive pricing tactics for its journals.  Please see the memo from the UC Librarian for more information. Journals that may be relevant for our research include Obesity, the International Journal of Obesity, and Epidemiology.  As the memo points out, UC researchers provide much of the content, the editing, and the reviewing that make these journals successful.  In that context, it seems entirely unreasonable to ask the UC system to fork over an additional $1 million each year for these journals.  On top of that, Obesity now charges page charges of $85/page for the articles it publishes, not to mention copyright fees extracted from whomever might use them in a course.  For International Journal of Obesity, you have the option of paying $3,300 up front to provide open access to your article.

Yes, editing and publishing journals costs money, and publishers have a right to a reasonable return.  But price gouging because of monopoly power conferred by the victims of the gouging is taking things a bit too far.


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