Signing the Goldenrod

The Dean’s office has asked us to tighten up our policy on signing the Goldenrod.  Those of you submitted applications for external funding through the Department (i.e., not through one of our research centers) must have the application’s Goldenrod signed off by the Chair.

In the event the chair is absent, the Vice Chair (Stuart Schweitzer) is authorized to sign.  In addition, I have deputized Jack Needleman to sign in the event that both Stuart and I are unavailable. Please note that if all three of us are gone, the application cannot go forward. Please plan accordingly, so that you are not left bereft of an essential signature at an awkward time.

The Chair or Chair’s designate will be checking 2 issues in particular:

  1. The Principal Investigator.  The PI must have adequate experience to conduct the research as well as effective administrative oversight of the project.  “Adequate experience” means any senate faculty member or any  adjunct with an external funding track record (meaning 3 or more previously funded projects, on which they are the PI).  For anyone else, I would expect that:
    a) there should be a more senior faculty member listed as a co-investigator; and
    b) the PI should have talked to me about it ahead of time to get my approval.
  2. Adequate Space.  Because of severe space constraints in the Department, I am adding the requirement this year that the Goldenrod must be accompanied by a separate sentence or two about how space will be provided.  State whether your currently allocated space is adequate to house this new research effort, and if not, how you plan to find space for the project.  Generally speaking, new space is not available within the Department.  Goldenrods will not be signed without this space rider. As always, please see me if you have any questions.

1 Response to “Signing the Goldenrod”

  1. 1 uclahealthservices August 27, 2009 at 10:31 pm

    Note! I will be out of town most of the first 3 weeks of September. What’s more, either Jack or Stuart will be away during much of this time. So for the next several weeks we’re down to only one authorized signer. Please allow at least 24 hours to get a signature during this period.

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