Putting the Brakes on Accelerations

vexedmanWord has come down from the central administration that accelerated merit increases and accelerated promotions will be much more difficult to come by in the next couple of years, with an official policy of “discouraging accelerations.”  Read the full text of the Vice Chancellor’s e-mail after the jump.

This message is from the Vice Chancellor of Academic Personnel, Thomas Rice.


Re: Merit Increases and Accelerations

As you know, budgetary shortfalls on the part of the State of California have resulted in harsh financial burdens that will be borne by our faculty, staff, and students. For faculty, this will be the second year in a row with no cost-of-living adjustment; salaries are being reduced through mandatory furloughs; and many will face a more challenging teaching load.

Gene Block, Scott Waugh, and I plan to do everything in our power to protect faculty merit increases. The prospect of academic advancement is essential to faculty, giving them the opportunity to advance in their careers at UCLA even during fiscal downturns.

Thus, in the coming year, we plan to continue to award merit increases. However, this will only be possible if we implement some additional checks on accelerations. Consequently, during the 2009-10 academic year, we are discouraging accelerations. Faculty members who request accelerations will need to meet the criteria for exceptionally meritorious achievement as set forth in The UCLA CALL. All accelerations will require review by the Dean and approval by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel. Moreover, faculty members who request accelerations will need to meet specific deadlines; these will be distributed by your Dean’s office in the Fall. Accelerations that go to CAP will proceed in the normal fashion with CAP continuing to enforce The CALL’s requirement of exceptionally meritorious achievement when considering accelerations.

Please understand that we are implementing these guidelines so that UCLA can continue to fund merit increases into the foreseeable future – which we believe is essential in helping to ensure our continued academic excellence.


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